Finance solutions

We have three ways of assisting in financing your Drama-production: Investments, Film i Väst and Audio drama.


We have invested in many films and some TV-seres. In selected projects we can invest SEK 500.000 to 2.000.000. Some of our investments can be "soft money". Please get in touch for more information.


Film i Väst

We have full post-production services in Gothenburg and Trollhättan, and we do several productions every year with Film i Väst. If you do not have direct contact with Film i Väst, we can put you in contact with a producer.

Audio drama

We can produce and distribute your script as an audio drama. You keep all other IP rights like TV, film, books, games etc. You get percent on all audio drama sales. See more below:

Audio drama production

Audio drama is a little like old time radio theater but with new ways of improving the sound production. We are building a catalog of Audio dramas for sale on platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Storytell etc. Money comes back via direct payment or payment per listening.

Nordic United has a partner who invests in audio drama. We pay for script development to audio drama, actors, director, recording, sound design, music, sound effects and soundmix. We take care of sales to all platforms and reporting/payments back to you. You are welcome to be a part of script development, casting and directing. Note that we first do a Swedish version, and if it gets good feedback - then we do other language versions for a worldwide audience.

It's a win-win where you get percent on sales for audio drama and you keep all other rights for TV, film books, games etc. Several audio dramas have been made into TV series.

Note that we can buy more rights than audio drama, and that if you have a deal with a distributor, we can be in on a co-production or as a sound supplier.