Why clients choose us

After talking with our customers this is the main reasons why they choose us:

1. One-stop shop with capacity

Clients find everything they need, from edit to full post-production, in one company. With 25 employees in 30 studios, we can handle large-scale projects and adjust to any changes in timelines or requirements.

2. Creative Team with experience

We always walk the extra mile and have won awards such as Emmy, Kristallen and Guldbaggar. Most employees have 10 years of experience, but our key functions have 25 years of experience, and still think it's great fun. Clients feel trust, knowing we have done this for quite some time and can handle any new demand.

3. Personal and Welcoming

We believe in creating a welcoming and relaxed environment where customers feel comfortable and at home. We give our clients key cards so they can come and go as they please, every day we serve lunch and we have several coffee areas.

4. Affordable Pricing

Customers like that we offer fair, competitive prices. The prices are based on our low overhead costs due to us having built our post house ourselves and that we have no middle managers. Instead we take all decisions together during weekly meetings with the whole team.

5. Technical Security and Quality Assurance

Many clients let us take responsibility for the tech workflow from dit to mastering. Our systems have the highest level of technical security, meeting all standards for Netflix, BBC and others. Our searchable backup system ensures that our clients can easily access their material in the future. All studios have the best tech calibrated by Dolby engineers. So what you see and hear is correct. We are also financially very safe with the highest credit rate, AAA.

6. We love to bring in other creatives

We love to bring in other creatives and have lists for colorists, VFX studios, sound designers, and other specialists. But bear in mind that our prices are based on us working in our fast network with our smooth routines. When we send material out to others, extra work and delays appear. But we love to do it if it fits within the budget and timeplan.