You find everything you need under one roof.

Color Grading

We have senior colorists Annika Pehrson, Hector Mora and Antonio la Torre and a network of great freelancers. We can remote grade via Stockholm and Gothenburg. All grading suites are yearly calibrated by Dolby and the connection to our main server runs with 32 Gbps. We have a theatrical grading with reference projector from Christie.

Sound production

Our sound team of six employees and 10 freelancers gives us high capacity. We have nine sound studios for voice recording, mixing, sound design, ADR and foley. And we have Sweden’s only certified Dolby Atmos sound mix for TV.

Editing suites

We have ten Avid rooms and another ten for remote connection. We can set up a Avid server at your location and support remotely. If you do your post with us you get access to BMG music archive and you pay no license fee but have world rights to the music. See more in Nordic United Avid guide or talk to our coordinators.


Our VFX supervisors Ulf Lundgren and Monir Eriksson support you with everything from planning to final approval. Their team handles everything from high-end to quick fixes. our producer guide for tips how you do your vfx more cost effective.


Our online artists can tweak light, color, graphics, move a picture edit etc. We have two online rooms with reference monitor and 5.1 sound. If you need to tweek the sound or vfx, you just walk next door.

Graphics, artwork and translations

We do intros and end credits with animation and design. We send translations to First Light Media among others. Talk to a Nordic United coordinator for best solution.

DIT and Safe workflow

We often take care of technical workflow from planning and shooting to delivery including DIT service, editing, conform, grading, sound, vfx, delivery and backup. Our secure workflow mirrors data to another location and simultaneously create back up on dual LTO 8. For best tech on set we offer three kits for DIT and sound recording. All post production suites are connected to one server for time saving workflow. Picture suites connect with 32 Gbps for smooth operation with all formats. Directors find everything in one location to instruct editors, grading, sound etc. We do remote sessions for grading, soundmix and ADR, you can sit in one of our suites and work with a studio in Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, LA etc.

Client approvals, QC and mastering

Client approvals are done in one of our three suites with reference monitor and 5.1 sound. For VFX approvals we can utilize the theater to see all details. Our team for QC and mastering deliver to all global TV and VOD providers like Netflix, ITV, BBC etc. We keep backup on all masters and you can order copies any time.

Voice archive for acting and voice over

Since 1987 we have delivered top voices to over 10.000 productions. Our voice archive has more than 3000 voices and we are connected to a network of studios around the world for link recordings. Contact for free voice samples.

Production Management

Our four post supervisors support you to keep control of time plans and costs. See Nordic United producer guide how you get your team along with creative decisions and maximize your production budget.