Endless choice of creators

Typically, our team of 20 creators collaborates with 5 freelancers and other companies. This is how we like to work,
and it gives our clients an endless choice of colorists, VFX companies, graphic designers, and sound artists.


We collaborate extensively with other colorists and hold remote sessions every week. Here are some examples:

Philipp Orgassa - works in Berlin but he can travel to Nordic United/Sweden.

Vanessa Taylor - works in London at Goldcrest but she can travel to Nordic United/Sweden.

Martin Steinberg - works in Stockholm in his own studio. Agent: sofia@wgtam.tv

For more colorist options, feel free to call us or visit www.company3.com and www.goldcrest.com.


For VFX, we have a streamlined workflow with www.Dupp.se. However, we often work with Filmgate-films.com, Haymakerfx.com, and many others. You save time and money by having Nordic United handle all small technical fixes before creating a VFX list for an external company.


When it comes to sound production, you'll experience a smoother creative flow by handling everything at Nordic United. Our sound team collaborates closely with directors and editors throughout the sound design, foley, and mixing process. Booking ADR sessions in our six recording rooms is simple, and we can assist with additional voices and other sound elements. We also bring in freelancers who can work in our studios. Here are some of them:

Per Boström

Tom van Heesch

Christer Melén

Linda Forsén

Bernt Eklund

Jonathan Dakers

For high-budget sound projects, we recommend working in London with www.goldcrestfilms.com or www.company3.com.

If you need to work in Denmark, we like mainstream.dk.

Feel free to consult Nordic United's post-producers for the best choice for your production and budget. Some cost a lot extra, but many are surprisingly price worthy.


For graphic design, you'll save considerable time by choosing Nordic United. Alternatively, we recommend Naive.se.